Quality Management

Upholding our promise to deliver the best quality product, Equity Textiles has taken very strict measures to meticulously monitor quality.

Our machinery is equipped with the latest technology to be able to detect and report faults with great accuracy. The blow room lines are equipped with VisionShield with Magic Eye to control cotton contamination. The Autoconers are equipped with Quantum 3 that strictly monitors the yarn and cuts the faults out with sharp precision.

We have an in-house yarn testing laboratory with the latest testing equipment that provides us with a complete picture of the quality of our product throughout the production process. Our trained quality managers consistently test the product at each stage of the process to make sure that faults are controlled. The quality testers are always on their toes, applying rigorous analysis and scrutinising the reports to identify where faults occur so that any problems are immediately addressed.

Our machinery is maintained with great care. It is routinely overhauled for deep cleaning, worn parts are regularly replaced to ensure optimal quality is produced and constant cleaning of the machinery and factory floor is carried out while the plant is running.

Uster UT/5 – Switzerland
Asano wrapping reel – Japan
Asano strength tester – Japan

After Sales Services

At Equity Textiles we try to maximise our clients’ satisfaction by immediately addressing any complaints. We are consistent with follow-ups after sales and are swift to respond to complaints. Upon receiving complaints, our after-sales team, comprising of technical and marketing staff arrives at the site of the complainant to investigate the problem. Equity Textiles makes sure that staff is available at any time that a complaint may arise. Our efforts in maintaining client satisfaction has helped us maintain loyal buyers.